29 May 09:00 AM to 30 May 03:00 AM
INTERRACIAL FANTASY HOUSE (“TITLE” ) It's been crazy and getting even crazier out here but the "Interracial Fantasy House " is hosting (“TITLE! ) We plan on throwing the best interracial Orgy party you've been to in your life on ( Day ), ( Date ) Hott Women, BBCs, and BWCs from all over the world, and the women and couples who love them are all welcome! There will be food, soft drinks, drink mixers, and great music! Come dressed like the naughty girls you are!. Party will start at ( TIME )and last until! BYOB/BYOC This will be a 420 I71 compliant party requiring membership. Your entry fee will allow you to be gifted weed if you desire an added donation. CBD and Multiple strains available. Pls, don’t bring your own 420 on the promises. To RSVP add ur name To the correct Fantasy House Group on SLS/FET and text . ADVANCE Without Gift: Cpls $40 Gents $80 at Door add $10; Will & Rita
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